Aligned Harmonics provides professional, high-quality piano tuning, mechanical service, and technology integration in order to help our clients to better enjoy their piano.

Aligned Harmonics provides the Greater Metro-Detroit area musical community the following services for their pianos:

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  • Concert-quality piano tuning

  • Action and Touch Regulation

  • Tone Voicing

  • Action Geometry Analysis & Correction

  • Action Parts Customization & Replacement

  • Piano Cleaning

  • Installation of Dampp-Chaser Piano Humidity Control Systems

  • Piano Appraisals and Purchase Consultations

  • Digital Player System Technology Installation

  • Legacy Digital Player System Upgrades

  • Complete Restoration

  • New & Used Piano Sales via Piano Nation Direct, Novi MI



Find out about AH’s founder and head technician, Richard Cromwell, his
mission, methods, and his 20 years of work in the piano industry.


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