A piano subjected to unstable climate conditions will not hold its tuning, its soundboard will degrade, other wooden parts will crack, the finish will get damaged, and the action will become sluggish or loose.”
— Mario Igrec, "Pianos Inside Out", 2013


Over the years that I've been involved in the maintenance and repair of pianos, again and again the single largest contributing factor to the deterioration of an instrument's condition and value are due to fluctuations in the piano's environmental relative humidity.  Here in Michigan with our extremely cold, dry winters, wet springs, and hot humid summers, combined with the old Michigan colloquialism, "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes..." combined have a detrimental effect on the longevity of pianos.

The installation of Damp-Chaser "Piano Life-Saver" System can help to stabilize your piano's immediate environmental humidity keeping the air at the piano manufacturer's suggested optimum moisture content, essentially isolating it from the changes that take place around it. 

These elegant, highly engineered, time-tested, and completely silent systems are composed of three fundamental parts:

  1. A Humidistat that measures the air's relative humidity around the piano and controls the other two components to maintain the programmed humidity level.

  2. A Dehumidifier to remove excess moisture as required.

  3. A Humidifier to introduce additional moisture as required.

As part of the holistic approach that I take to the care and maintenance of your piano, stabilizing the piano's environmental humidity with the installation of a Dammp-Chaser Climate Control System is the best way to help to preserve your instrument and ensure many years of beautiful music.

In addition to protecting the thousands of  wood, felt and metal components that make up your piano from the ravages of fluctuation in humidity, the systems have the added effect of keeping your piano in tune considerably longer. It is the breathing of the soundboard and the resulting change in speaking-length string tension that is the primary contributing factor to your piano going out of tune. By arresting this breathing, the stability of the piano's tuning increases dramatically.



    • Additional Costs for Grand double tank system for instruments of 7'. Please contact me for details.


    • Additional Costs for Steinway Vertical/Player Vertical rear-mount system. Please contact me for details.

*Price is for system and installation, all other work (i.e.tuning and repairs billed separately)



I am a very experienced Dampp-Chaser System installer and have installed well over 100 Complete Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate Control Systems in pianos ranging from Steinway concert grands to Baldwin Acrosonic spinets.

For further information on the "Piano Life-Saver" systems please feel free to contact me! Also visit Dampp-Chaser's website by clicking here...